Nutrients are needed by an organism to survive, grow, and reproduce. These substances are grouped as macronutrients and micronutrients. Macronutrients are named so because they are needed to be consumed in large amounts and are primarily used to generate energy or become absorbed in tissues for growth and repair. On the other hand, micronutrients are needed in small amounts. Their roles in cellular processes are not obvious.

Macronutrients include; carbohydrate, protein, and fats. While micronutrients include minerals and vitamins. Continue reading

Premature Rupture Of The Membranes

You may have seen in movies when a pregnant lady suddenly gasps as she’s standing and then she looks down and yells ‘ my water just broke’!. And you see fluid gushing out and down her legs. Well, that was her amniotic sac breaking. And it is okay if this happens shortly before the onset of labor. But, it becomes a problem when it happens more than 1 hr before the onset of labor- And this is called premature rupture of the membranes. Continue reading

Premature Rupture Of The Membranes- Assessment

What should you check in premature rupture of the membranes?

  1. Presence of a painless leakage of fluid from the vagina.
  2. Absence of steady labor contractions.
  3. Positive nitrazine test- it turns blue.
  4. Presence of meconium in the fluid.
  5. Amount, color, consistency, and odor of fluid.
  6. Decreased uterine size.
  7. Elevated temperature which may indicate infection- Monitor vital signs
  8. Tachycardia in the fetus, which may indicate maternal infection- Fetal monitoring is necessary.

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Transportation By Body Fluid- Diffusion

When a substance is dissolved in a solution, it becomes a solute. Now when that solute spreads in the solution, that act is called diffusion. So diffused in this case means it spread out in the solution. Eg. Sugar cube in water. Sugar is a substance that dissolves in water( the solution) and it becomes a sugar solute. It then spreads in the water. That means it spreads from an area of more concentration to an area of lesser concentration. More concentration is the sugar cube, less is the water before being mixed evenly with the substance/sugar. Continue reading